with Phil Liggett

The voice of cycling, Phil Liggett, will be enjoying the Cornwall countryside on Sunday September 18th riding the Cornwall Coast and Clay sportive.  He would love you to join him, riding to help stop the iconic rhinoceros being poached to extinction.

Cycling has taken Phil all over the world, and South Africa has become a favourite place to spend time.   Phil and his wife Trish have owned a little piece of South Africa’s bush for over 10 years now, and both of them have become aware of the massive increase in horrific poaching for rhino horn, which is then trafficked, primarily to Asia.  Phil is now Patron of Helping Rhinos, www.helpingrhinos.org and Trish is a trustee.  

Both of them enjoy cycling, and both of them would love to ride with you.  Phil and Trish will be sporting the Helping Rhinos cycling jersey.  Its bright green colour means you will not be able to miss it!  An image of a rhino mother and calf is  on the back, and Phil has endorsed every jersey with his thanks and signature.  Just by purchasing this jersey you will have made a contribution to a cause so close to their hearts .  

Getting the word out there is key, education and awareness is as important as raising money.  Please help the rhinos by purchasing a jersey and wearing it wherever and whenever you can..